Start learning the ins and outs and avoid mistakes that drive you to failure.

Building a business is hard and a long process. Global research has reveiled that 83% fail in the first 12 months and 99.5% in the next 48 months. This is a devastating result. The good news is we have done something about it to turn this around. This is the training you need to increase your knowldege and practical experience that drives you to success and increases your success rate.

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Learn how to cook the business of your dreams that reflects your true potential.

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Meet the Business Master Chef and his Team!

We are going to teach you all the ins and outs of Business Building. From zero to a running business on a low Budget. Learn how to make the right decisions like Fortune 500 CEO's and avoid the most common mistakes. Increase your succes rate before it is too late!!

Jose Graca

Business Master Chef

Founder and CEO of BIZMONI and the creator of the COOK A BUSINESS Training Program, and the Business Master Chef Concept. Jose is a seasoned enterprise development expert who has created successful businesses of all shapes and sizes over the course of 30 years, using this experience to develop a series of recipes, materials and tricks to Shorten the Road to Success and help potential business owners reach their full potential.

Morgan Parfitt

Behaviour Master Chef

Morgan Parfitt-David is a behavioral sciences expert and researcher with ample experience in the European Union and UK. He is the director of ANALYTICA UK and founder of Predicta Football, using evidence-based knowledge to develop neuromarketing and social psychology tools that help organizations solve customer-related issues.

Tommy Diependaal

Life Style Master Chef

With over 40 years as a fitness instructor, Tommy provides Customized Fitness Training Programs designed for both individuals and for corporate teams, incorporating scientific knowledge and all the latest discoveries in health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. A former manager and businessman himself, Tommy's direct experience makes him the go-to for business-minded people who wish to improve their own health, and that of their colleagues.

Business Master Chef Team

We are here to help you during your journey. Your Success is our Success. Let us guide you to select the best business ingredients and create the best business recipes together.

David Slim

E-Learning Master Chef

Currently focused on research and teaching, David is a specialist in Sustainability, production processes, system management, and innovation, concentrating on the development of social communication and learning programs related to these fields. He is a lecturer at Mexico's Universidad de Sonora.

Caroline Balbino

Legal Master Chef

Caroline is a lawyer and Sustainability Consultant specializing in the development of Start-ups, business modeling processes, and in creating innovative businesses. An expert in Labor and Environmental law, Caroline has been active in developing projects and businesses related to the environment since 2006.

Laura Lui

Fundraising Master Chef

Laura is currently a Partner and Co-CIO at Premia Partners. She has a Master of Science in Global Finance from the NYU Stern School of Business as well as a Master of Science from the HKUST Business School. She is also a Co-Founder of the Global Dream Foundation and has experience working in the banking and the asset management industry.

Jan Roth Kanarski

Copywriting Master Chef

Jan studied History and Politics at the University of Liverpool and has a Master’s Degree in Political Theory from the University of Sheffield. He has worked as a translator in several fields including film and television, politics, philosophy, sociology and international studies. He has collaborated with the Guanajuato International Film Festival and since 2014 has been the Latin America editor for Competition Policy International.

Cesar Miranda

Finance Master Chef

Cesar is a financial and accounting expert, entrepreneur, and academic who has worked in the Financial Services industry in the USA and Latin America for more than 20 years. Cesar has experience implementing solutions and providing financial guidance to senior management in order to achieve double-digit growth and develop new business opportunities.

Hasmik Navalyan

Talent Aquisition Master Chef

Hasmik is a Recruitment/HR Leader with 15+ years of solid hands-on experience building and managing teams for international and start -up companies. Specializing in the IT/Technology industry, Hasmik thrives in managing teams of up 15+ people in fast-paced and demanding environments.


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