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Start learning the ins and outs and avoid mistakes that drive you to failure.

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Meet the Business Master Chef and his Team!

Jose Graca

Global Business Expert

Founder and CEO of BIZMONI, creator of the COOK A BUSINESS Training Program, and the Business Master Chef Challenge Show. Jose is a seasoned enterprise development expert who has created successful businesses of all shapes and sizes over the course of 30 years, using this experience to develop a series of training materials and techniques to shorten the time needed to build a business and reduce risk.

Tommy Diependaal

Lifestyle Expert

With over 40 years' experience as a fitness instructor, Tommy provides Customized Fitness Training Programs designed for both individuals and for corporate teams, incorporating scientific knowledge and all the latest discoveries in health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. A former manager and businessman himself, Tommy's direct experience makes him the go-to for business-minded people who wish to improve their own health.


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