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Guided by TOP EXPERTS and supported by a BUSINESS COMMUNITY

    1. 1.1 Welcome video by Jose Graca, your Business Master Chef and Cook a Business Founder

    2. 1.2 What are we going to do in this course?

    3. 1.4 Let's test your knowledge!

    1. 2.1 Business mind video - by Morgan Parfitt Behaviour Master Chef

    1. 3.1 Workout your idea video - by Jose Graca, your Business Master Chef and Cook a Business Founder

    2. 3.3 Your Idea Canvas Editable PDF - Jose

    1. 4.1 Build your business model - Video by Jose Graca, your Business Master Chef and Cook a Business Founder

    2. 4.3 Business Model Canvas Editable PDF - Jose

    1. 5.1 Build your benchmark - Video by Yuri Teixeira your Branding Master Chef

    2. 5.3 The Benchmark Canvas Editable PDF - Jose

    1. 6.1 Your SWOT analysis - Video by Yuri Teixeira your Branding Master Chef

    2. 6.2 The SWOT analysis main points.

    3. 6.3 The Swot Analysis Canvas Editable PDF - Jose

About this course

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  • 52 lessons


We are going to cover how to do your research and benchmarking, build a business plan, build a branding guide, build a marketing plan, build a business model and much more...

Jose Graca

Global Business Expert

Founder and CEO of BIZMONI, creator of the COOK A BUSINESS Training Program, and the Business Master Chef Challenge Show. Jose is a seasoned enterprise development expert who has created successful businesses of all shapes and sizes over the course of 30 years, using this experience to develop a series of training materials and techniques to shorten the time needed to build a business and reduce risk.

David Slim

E-Learning Expert

Currently focused on research and teaching, David is a specialist in Sustainability, production processes, system management, and innovation, concentrating on the development of social communication and learning programs related to these fields. He is a lecturer at Mexico's Universidad de Sonora.

Jan Roth Kanarski

Copywriting Expert

Jan studied History and Politics at the University of Liverpool and has a master’s degree in Political Theory from the University of Sheffield. He has worked as a translator in several fields including film and television, politics, philosophy, sociology and international studies.

Yuri Teixeira

Marketing Expert

Yuri is an Executive MBA graduate from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, where he also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Multimedia. He has over twenty-six years of experience in Audiovisual, Pay TV, communications, arts, entertainment, and media business ventures.

Cesar Miranda

Finance Expert

Cesar is a financial and accounting expert, entrepreneur, and academic who has worked in the Financial Services industry in the USA and Latin America for more than 20 years. Cesar has experience implementing solutions and providing financial guidance to senior management in order to achieve double-digit growth and develop new business opportunities.

Marine Arakelyan

E-Book Expert

Ph.D. in Pedagogy with 32 years' experience as an EFL teacher, Marine has taught at top-level institutions in her home country of Armenia, developing a personal teaching philosophy. She is a Senior EFL Instructor at Sultan Qaboos University (Oman).

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