What is Cook a Business?

Cook a Business is a business training program where you can learn how to think and act like a Fortune 500 CEO’s. We deliver 30 years of business knowledge in a set of fun, fully supported guides and web courses containing all the information an entrepreneur needs to launch their business, or take it to the next level.

Who can join the Cook a Business training program?

Cook a Business is for all who aspires to make their brilliant ideas come to life. We are founded with the mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs and new business builders navigate their way to succeed in their respective ventures.

Is Cook a Business related to Bizmoni?

Can I join both brands? Yes, Cook a Business is an integral part of the Bizmoni Digital Environment. Bizmoni gives everyone gets the chance to discover a new way to work and play through its Super App, combining a social network,business management software, e-banking, and access to specialized knowledge . For more information on Bizmoni, visit the website – You may join both Cook a Business and Bizmoni individually, through their respective subscription packages, or you can enjoy discounts through our other subscription options. Learn more at and

What is the difference between Cook A Business and Business Master Chef?

The Cook a Business training program aims to give aspiring and new entrepreneurs a better chance to succeed in their business ventures by teaching them how to think and make decisions like a Fortune 500 CEO. No prior knowledge in business is needed to take and benefit from the Cook a Business course. The Business Master Chef program is aimed towards existing Business Masters who would like to expandtheir reach and soar to greater heights with their ventures. We highly recommend finishing the Cook a Business training program before diving into our Business Master Chef program.

What can I do with Cook a Business?

Cook a Business is a business cook book full of secret recipes that will allow new entrepreneurs to gain access to the insider knowledge, insight and resources they need to help their dreams of business success come true..

Why do I need Cook a Business?

With 30 years of business knowledge and experience at hand we can guide and teach you what you need to know for every step of your business journey. In this training program you will discover the what, why, and how of business. Stay ahead of the game by learning the most common mistakes when starting a business and how to turn these challenges into opportunities for success.

How does Cook A Business work?

The Cook a Business training program includes a multimedia curriculum that combines web courses, digital seminars, and e-books to help ease your way through the learning process. You will be given access to a wide range of resources and insider information as you advance with the program, following an intuitive structure with clear goals, evaluations and even rewards for successful completion. All studying is done at your own pace and in your own time

Can I learn different business skills and secrets in Cook a Business?

Yes. Our main goal is to help you and your business succeed by giving you insider knowledge and resources. You will get to know the most useful skills and secrets in business, and how to apply these secrets in the most effective way for your business.

Who is our teacher/trainer?

The Cook a Business training program was created by our Business Master Chef - Jose Graca. He is a 360° hands-on CEO and a leading expert in Decentralized Economics and Business Inclusion. He has been a Remote Team Builder, Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Builder for more than 30 years, with a proven track record of successful business ventures In addition to these, he hass also been an Investor, Mentor, Consultant, and Speaker in the startup community for the last 20 years.

Why should I sign up now?

Every second you wait could be an opportunity you miss. Stay one step ahead of the game and get free access to additional chapters from the Cook a Business Cookbook when you sign up today.

Where can I sign up?

Just click this link to fill out the form with your information or visit our website at You will receive a confirmation e-mail allowing you to activate your account and begin learning with the Cook a Business training program.

When will the launch take place?

We are now in our pre-production stage and will be ready to launch in the final months of 2021. Keep checking the Cook a Business website for updates on specific launch dates and other announcements.

Is there any commitment with Cook a Business?

There is no commitment. You may choose to cancel your subscriptionat any time.

Are there any requirements for joining the Cook a Business training program?

We believe in creating an inclusive and generous global business community. There are no age restrictions, and you don’t need any previous business training or knowledge. . As long as you have the passion, the ideas, and the determination to make your business dream come true, you are welcome to join Cook a Business.

Are there any fees for joining and accessing Cook a Business?

Subscription fees for The Cook a Business training program are among the lowest in the market. The full training program is available for only 69 Euros per month, to be paid for 6 months. You can also get a 30% discount price of 289.80 Euros if you make a one-time payment. We also offer a Full Year Access subscription for only 499 Euros. You will definitely get your money’s worth when you choose to join our program.

Will my Cook a Business access be limited?

Your access to Cook a Business will depend on your subscription. Currently, we are opening the training program for periods of 6 months and 1 year. As long as you are within your subscription period you may access the training program whenever you need.

Is this available in my country?

Cook a Business aims to guide all business builders around the globe. Unless otherwise stated, Cook a Business is available in all countries and regions.

How can I pay for the training program?

Cook a Business has set up various payment options for you depending on your country and location. You may review the payment methods available

Will I get a bonus or discount when I recommend Cook a Business to a friend?

When you recommend Cook a Business to your friends you may receive a reward, which can include free exclusive Chapters from our e-books, or Bizmoni credits (Moni) directly deposited to your Bizmoni wallet.

How long will it take me to finish the Cook a Business training program?

At Cook a Business we are aware of how valuable your time is. There are no specific time frames for your training, allowing everyone to advance and learn at their own pace. However, we highly encourage our students to finish the entire training program in 6 months.

How many courses or programs do I need to complete?

The Cook a Business Training Program currently consists of six volumes:

Vol 1. The Right Mindset

Vol 2. What, Why, How?

Vol 3. Common Mistakes, Reach Success!

Vol 4. Raise Funds

Vol 5. Success Stories

Vol 6. Make Decisions Like Fortune 500 CEOs

You can find more details on each of these Volumes at our website, or through the information pack sent to you when registering for the Training Program.

Will there be any more courses in the future?

We believe that learning is a continuous process and we are looking forward to developing more courses and specialized material in the future. At the moment, we are confident that our six volumes will greatly help you succeed in your business venture.

Will I receive a certificate after I finish the training program?

Yes, you will receive a Professional Entrepreneur Certificate at the end of the training program. If you get a score of 80% or higher on your final assessment, you can get a refund in MONI (Bizmoni credit) to help you start your first business.

Are the web courses and digital resources available offline?

Our web courses, digital seminars, and other resources are not available offline.

Are there live webinars?

No. All of our webinars and web courses are pre-recorded so you may learn on your own time and at your own pace without the worry of missing out on a lecture.

Can I watch Cook a Business webinars in different devices?

Yes, as long as you are subscribed to our training program you may access the training program on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and/or personal computer.

In what platform can I access the resources?

Once you are subscribed to the Cook a Business training program, you will be able to access all the resources through our website –

Can I provide feedback after the training program?

Yes, we appreciate and encourage you to give your feedback. We will provide a link where you can submit your feedback online.


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