‘Making it’ in business is hard. Let me share the secrets I’ve learned. "Let me help you get there too."

It would be safe to say that I’m a seasoned entrepreneur. For more than "+" 30 years, I’ve been working in the business world playing  multiple roles, from a employee to a Manager, from a Entrepreneur and CEO to an investor and back.

In those years I have seen all types of problems arise when people try to bring their business ideas to success. In dealing with these issues, I’ve come to the following conclusion: There is no real help out there for beginners as long as I can remember! Help for those that are born in traditional labour families where there is "NO" business knowledge, experience and financial savings.

I know this by personal experience as this was the case when I started besides being an immigrant.

"This sounds like a harsh  statement," and some of you out there might not agree. You might even think this is the case for minorities! But this is a real fact and it touches more than one Billion individuals on a global scale.

No need to take my words for grantes. Just look at any official estimates of failure rates in business around the world which confirms this statement. The harsh, and to me unacceptable truth, is that out of every ten people who gather up the considerable courage required to take the plunge and start a business, "nine.nine" of them will see their dreams, their resources, and their effort, crumble to dust.

"It is time somebody starts to do something about it."

Knowing this It became clear to me that I should have a new principle for my own business career: all the knowledge that I have gathered through these years, all of my first-hand experience and my years of studying the success and failure of others should be used in helping others to reach their dreams.

"There are so many millions out there who, like me, have the drive, and the need, to become independent, create a new and better life for themselves and their families, or turn their ideas into a reality – but who lack the knowledge and resources to ‘make it’ without a big dose of luck as well when they start."

It took me a considrable effort along half decade to find a way to change that, and it begins with an innovative Business Training Program called ‘Learn how to Cook a Business and use the right ingredients’ and it ends with a unique technology that squezes the needed 5 years of business building into just one.

This training course aims to deliver all the knowledge about ‘cooking’ any type of business. Through this course, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of business, common mistakes and, perhaps most important of all, how to make decisions like Fortune 500 CEOs.

"YES, making decisions is the core to every business, big or small"

While I don’t believe there’s only one formula for business creation, I do believe there are some paths that are shorter than others, and many tools that can help you achieve what you’re aiming for.

"Cook a Business" offers budding entrepreneurs an easy package full of these tools and shortcuts, backed by real life and relatable examples that take much of the guess work out of the most difficult decisions that people must take when they find themselves in a position of leadership.

Of course, taking any kind of  course is no guarantee for success. Dedication and hard work have no substitutes (consider this a free lesson one!). While imagination and creativity is considered intelligence, doing things is what makes it happen (consider this a free lesson two!). But working smart is always better than working hard, and there is nothing smarter out there than learning from the mistakes of other people (consider this a free lesson three!).

Especially when your future is on the line. You need a business partner that can help you to lead the way through this hard journey. With the help of the "Cook a Business training" and the "Bizmoni technology," the dreams and dedication of millions of people, gain a fair and a new way to think about, and do business. "One where success is not the exception" but an fair achievable goal.

Follow me in the new way to work and play. Be a part of the new digital economy, a true metaverse for all to achieve success.

Sign up for the Cook a Business Training Program and start cooking your business the right way!

Follow Bizmoni in the New Way to Work and Play and sign up for the Cook a Business course!

by Jose Graca 17/04/2022

Why I became a Business Master Chef!

Being an entrepreneur is much more than creating a business; It’s about believing in people! Yes, you should start by believing in your "TEAM"

People have been doing business in similar ways, with little to no change, for a very long time. "This is a true statement everywhere in the world and across different eras!"

I have been working in the business scene for +30 years now. From leading a one man show to big teams and creating businesses, I have done it all in the entrepreneurial world. CEO, Chairman, Board Member, Advisory Borad, Independent Director, Counselor, Mentor, Business Angel, Venture Capitals, and Entrepreneur you name it, I’ve done it!

One thing that has gotten my attention in all these ventures is how hard it is to make it happen. Most of the time, people don’t succeed in their efforts to create their own businesses, and I have even had my share of failures but always lucky not to have ever loosen money.

Having studied ways to do business during this time period, I have come to the conclusion that my next step in this journey should be trying to level the field for all people that want to enter the business scenario.

Being a "Business Master Chef" is about believing in people! My goal is to create an environment based on experiences, failures and successes, that will deliver knowledge and resources to make it happen in this highly competitive arena.

Creating a new way to work, trade and engage is my ultimate goal. By sharing knowledge, my hope is that you’ll avoid the common mistakes that most people make and move towards success in your ventures.

I invite you to join this journey  more equal environment. A true friendly environment for all entrepreneurs and workers, buyers and sellers, builders and players to thrive and prosper.

Be a part of this business revolution. Sign up for my newsletters and stay in touch. The Cook a Business training program is worth the money 1000x for the simple reason that it is the only true training that drives you to success.

by Jose Graca 19/04/2022


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